Dios ta hasi kosnan ekselente(God does excelent things)

You are welcome on Easter 2016 @ House of Worship Curacao.

HOW To Dance presentation March 24, 2016 teaser

Why Jesus came to this world?

The Blessings of the Lord

The kings of Israel who were with Jehovah prospered, the ones who were not ended with a horrible death

If you read the Books of 2nd Chronicles, a pattern shows:

All kings that acted according to the Lord, had a prosperous life. The ones who did not act according to the Lord's will ended up not so well.
An example of this is Jehoshaphat. 2nd Chronicles 17: 3 shows this.
When Jehoshaphat went with the enemies of the Lord the Lord broke his works according to 2nd Chronicles 20: 37.

Bin Ku FE: Come with Faith

April 5th 2015 will be the greatest event on Curacao: Bin Ku FE.
You are welcome to join us in worship @ 19:00.
Come and show the Lord how much you love Him because he died and rose from the dead for forgiveness of our sins.

Don't forget!
April 5th 2015
House of Worship
Erosweg 52
Info: http://www.how-online.org/

Dios ta hasi kosnan ekselente

"Dios ta hasi kosnan ekselente" meaning God works in excelent ways, will be the event for souls to be rescued on April 20th, 2014. Join us on Curacao @ SDK(Sentro Deportivo Korsou) and experience the wonderful ways in which the Lord manifests.

Program Den Bo Kas on Radio Semiya FM 98.8

The Program "Den Bo Kas" on Radio Semiya FM 98.5 is broadcasted from Monday till Thursday, from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM local Curacao time.
It's a program based on Christian beliefs, with Christian music. Readings from the Bible and Christian actualities are the topics of this program.
The program can also be found on the web site of Radio Semiya FM at radiosemiyafm.net and through Ustream.tv, with live images.

Anointing and Miracles Campaign 2012 with Elfrid Ascencion

CCB International presents an Anointing and Miracles Campaign 2012 with Elfrid Ascencion on June 14, 15 and 16, 2012.

Entrance: free
Location: Sentro di Bario Koral Specht
Time: 7 PM

More information: Binwak.com

If Jesus was here now...

If Jesus was here now was inspired by an incident on a community site.
The result up to now are the following statements:
If Jesus was here now he would say: My Father did not say "And then there was Facebook..."
If Jesus was here now he would say: "I did not tell people to create 13.000 denominations!"
If Jesus was here now he would say: "Did I tell you to commit euthanasia?"
If Jesus was here now he would say: "Did I tell you to sleep with a partner of the same sex?"


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